We fall for the impressive person, not the real one. Agree or disagree?

You fall for the one who's trying to impress you. Not telling you everything about themselves right away, only the good things. You then find out they have a darker side or a more difficult side. Do you agree we fall for the impressive stuff because it IS impressive?


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  • We fall for impressive stuff because it's good. That's just common sense, people don't want to fall for bad things. Whether or not people accurately represent themselves when they start dating someone is a totally different case. How are we supposed to know when we're being lied to? Most people would have a change of heart if they found out things weren't quite what they seemed originally.

  • I don't buy into the idea that positive traits are phony and negative ones are real. Everyone has a mixture. Sometimes what one person sees as a flaw is another person's benefit. Ex: A homebody can be seen as boring to a social butterfly or a perfect match for another homebody.


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