I was there first what?

I have been with my bf for 8 months now. I thought his female friend and him were over stepping boundaries for a guy in a committed relationship. I very calmly and nicely talked to him about the fact that I feel uncomfortable with the fact that he has his friend upstairs in his bedroom watchinf tv. I said as your gf I feel like even if you were doing this before you got into a relationshil that its natural that once someone becomes exclusive in a relationship that certain dynamics between an opposite sex friendship may have to change out of respect. I told him I feel like as his gf my feelings should come first before another women's unless of course it was a female family member. I asked him if they could hangout downstairs when she came over or even go out somewhere. By no means was I asking him to drop the friendship completely or anything but when he told her about me not wanting her in his bedroom according to him she freaked saying she was there first. I'm like what does that even mean are we back in kindergarten. Why did she flip out now I'm suspicious that she likes him if she is upset about now being in his room. What did she mean by I was there first?


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