How long do shy guys take to text a girl first?

I met this guy on Friday night. We were staring at each other for most of the night & then I finally went over, and we spent most of the night chatting. He walked me home and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. He also took my number (but I didn't take his) but he hasn't text me! It's driving me mad. It's been 3 days and nothing. He doesn't have Facebook or any other way of contacting unless he texts me. I asked one of his mates for his number & he never replied. What should I do? The only thing is he's really shy so I'm hoping that has something to do with it. Advice anyone? I know where he lives but I don't want to go knocking on his door. Haha.

Ok so i got his brothers number (never met him) but a friend gave it to me should I text him & ask for the number?


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  • Just wait, you really don't want to go to his house like:
    He could take a little while to text, he may be busy, or he may just not want to come off as desperate.

    • Bahaha that's what I feel like

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    • Oh shite, i already text him. But for all he knows I was doing it just being a mate of his bros :L

    • Ok, no harm done :)
      You'll be fine.
      Now go.
      You're ready.
      May the force be with you.

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  • Oh girl, you should have taken his number! I generally thought shy guys would text a lot and talk more through messaging since it's easier to talk to people this way if you are shy... but the guy that I'm into (I gave him my number because he had to pick me up) never texted me and he never messaged me on Facebook or anything like that. He even kissed me at a party!! (But it was probably being tipsy that made him brave) and even after that, no text or anything. We only saw each other once a week for a school thing, since we go to different campuses... so i was like what is going on. I'd text him a few times randomly, we'd have a short conversation and it seemed like he wanted to talk to me and then he'd just stop replying to me. I basically lost hope haha. Then after an awkward sort of double date, we didn't talk for about 3 weeks... and then he just texted me out of the blue. But mind you, this thing we have going on has been going on since October... so super slow progress.

  • I gave a shy guy my number like months ago and still haven't heard from him, but ours is more complicated than that. He had a female friend who convinced me he hated me so I didn't go visit him and I stopped following him on IG. We just recently reconnected after someone close to him asked why I hadn't been seen lately. So fat so good. Just gotta get the nerve/excuse to ask him for his...