Tell me if this is weird?

OK, so I was breaking up with a guy via text messages. Horrible I know but he left me no choice. I was telling him that can have all the stuff that he left at my house back. I listed the item in the text. He says "I hope that we can still be friends. I'll come by and get them soon."

Almost most an hour later he texts me and says "what do you have of mine?" I'm looking at my phone like he's crazy now because I JUST told him what I had of his. So now I'm forced to list the stuff again like a idiot. I don't know much about cell phones (that's a lie) but I do know that they have this thing called a "conversation history". He works in IT so I know he knows how to stroll up and look at what I just told him.

I talked to my friend about it and she said he did that so he can "talk to me again". I'm not so sure of that since this man is in his 30's and understands the concept of picking up a phone and talking it out, if that's what he wanted to do. I think he's just an idiot.

Do you believe my friend, me, or do you have your on opinion?


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  • I agree with your friend. He wanted to talk to you again and maybe stall some time. But you do have a good point if he wants you bad then he should be trying to talk it out with you more on the phone or in person. Maybe he is shock over the break up.


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