Can you ask a girl how many boyfriends she had, or if she's virgin/how many men she slept with? If yes, how to ask it?

I know a lot of people will have different opinions on that, but for me, since I have never had sex nor a GF, its a really huge turn off if a girl had over 4-5 different sexual partners. And the sooner I could know how many she had, the better it would be, so I avoid being really turn off when something more serious could happen. And dissapoint her and me because of that...

I would obviously not ask her like that: Hi! nice to meet you Sandra! by the way, how many guys did you slept with?

I would be more sublte, try to get her on the topic or just say like: hahaha, by the way, im sorry if I say anything stupid tonight, I dont have a lot of experience with girls, you probably have way more than me :)


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  • That is a extremely personal question, and something a lot of women wouldn't feel comfortable answering right away.
    Typically, people reveal personal information about themselves when they form a deep bond with that person.

    If a girl is treating you right, I don't see why numbers should help you decide on
    whether she is relationship worthy or not.
    A girl could have few partners and be the biggest bitch in the relationship ever.

    Numbers don't tell how someone will handle a relationship, their character does.

    • true. Just one problem; numbers don't lie but personality can be faked (players do it all the time).
      so we'd rather know BEFORE forging that deep bond.
      Better for both to tell right away too. We guys get it answered righ away and don't need to potentially waste our time, and you girls won't be hurt as bad if we say "no" compared to it happening after that deep bond being forged.

      But whatever floats your boat.

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    • lol, the fact that im 20!!! 10 and not virgin would be a bit weird :P

    • You scared me for a minute. I was like 10 and a virgin? When are u supposed to lose it at 3? What are times coming to!
      Lol! *wipes forehead with relief*
      It's okay if that is your preference.
      Just know that just because a girl has under 5 partners doesn't guarantee the fact that she won't cheat on you, or will not be promiscuous during your relationship.

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  • Well , before asking a girl you have to get close to her , and be her confident , because we can't talk about this stuff with someone we don't trust

  • This is exactly why it is important to wait till marriage for sex... There is something so precious and special about having sex with just one partner and sharing an amazing love along with it. Everyone is out here dating and trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right will giving up there body in doing so, just to find out a few months to a year down the road that person was Mr. or Mrs. Wrong... Add another number to your list of sexual partners folks. Your future wife or husband is going to love that.

    • Im not necessarly waiting for marriage for my first time, but I defenitly want to wait for a girl that I will love and will love me also. And if SHE wants to wait for marriage, I will be perfectly fine with that. And I agree, it would be really special if the first time I have sex with a girl is the same girl for all my life. But sadly, girls like that are pretty rare. Where do you hide? :)

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  • You're gonna get a lot of flak for asking this question.

    But you know what? Fuck them, the way I see it, you are completely entitled to your standards, so long as you aren't a hypocrite.

    And from the looks of it, it sounds like you're a virgin, so you check out. Your logic is symmetrical and sound.

    Keep in mind though, at the end of the day, her sexual history is her business, don't flip out or lose respect for her if she decides to not tell you that information.

    On the flip coin though, do not disrespect a girl if her number is high. It's okay to cross her off your potential girlfriend list, that's your prerogative to give your romantic love to whoever you want, but do NOT treat her like some monster, she's a human being.

    • 100% agree, dont worry, I never had sex, but it would be insanely hypocrite if I slept with 10+ girls, but wanted a virgin.

      And I know, your right, its not because she slept with tons of men, that she's a monster, or a useless ''slut''. She just dont share my virtue about that, wich happen to be a pretty big deal for me. That defenitly doesn't mean I couldnt be friend with her ( or else, I would have 0 friend right now ), but I would defenitly cross her out

  • Chances are if you ask a girl that question, she'll get irritated and say "it's none of your business" or she'll just lie and tell you a low number because she knows that it's what you want to hear.

    I think you have a right to ask but don't nessesarily expect an answer.

  • So why ask is my question , one day you to will no be a virgin but may have a great heart , just due to you having 1, 2 , 3 , 4 a million partners doesn't say anything about you and your heart. I can't say don't be biased but be opened minded after all if you are a virgin wouldn't you want to have a good teacher when the time is right ;). Relax and stay open minded man

  • No. She's allowed to ask your magic number though. Stupid rules.

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