How to breakup with boyfirend?

Ok so i want to break up with m'y boyfirend of almost 3 years... Cause He has a prefrence for blonde pettite girls... but i asked him if he Thot his préférence was prettier he said some are... for me its Just a deal breaker...

Dont get me wrong i get That he was with me for so long i was proud That he got with me than a blonde... but i still felt he admired blondes more anyways...

I told him how i feel.. But he keep on telling me That There Will always ne a girl better looking than me and him and thats how kiffe is.. etc etc... im constanly expressing how i feel for him but he says the truth is the truth... either way im still leaving him coz i Just feel sooo Much more insecure than ever...

Please please dont get This wrong I KNOW the are prettier girls out ther i KNOW he checks them out I KNOW... but as for me i Never notice Guy That Much coz i was sooooo still into him even after 3 years he still feels like my first crush 😞... but hearing what he says and doesn't care how i feel...

I want to breakup with him but i can't comeup with the words apparently...

And please no rude answers" like "good he is getting rid of me" or " he is luckey" Just coz its not your Relationship dont mean You Can judge...


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  • Poor choice of words on his part lol. But it is true. Just tell him straight up "It's over, I want out" not that difficult.


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  • Dang girl.
    If I was in a serious relationship with a guy and he told me to my face he thought someone else was prettier I would of ended things right there. 'If you think someone is prettier than me then go be their boyfriend then'
    I would of told him he had a little dick anyways and dumped him like last years shoes.
    Anyways, just tell him it is over and that you deserve to be treated better. Just get it over with its better to tell him straight out that you're breaking up than to draw it out and make him think he still has a chance.

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