Girl doesn't know how to love or is playing me?

She has a slutty past in high school. She showed me a lot of nothing in the start and slowly started spilling out her feelings. Started dating and her parents forbid us from seeing each other it was a diasasyer. Her parents made her see a therapist and she said she didn't eat or go out for months.

We got back together and u was so hap people y I told her let's move out once I finish the fire academy and become a firefighter. We started dating again sneaking around twice a month. She will go days without texting sometimes. Never ask me questions when I go out with my boys.

She was so extremely submissive before and would drop everything for me and just let me run the show no questions asked. I don't know if she thinks that's what I want.

I've hurt her before so I don't know if it's a trust. issue. never cheaten though. So we talked to the parents and they say we can see each other for a month. She ask. me if we are taking a break because I would complain that I wasn't getting enough sex when we couldn't see each other. Was really surprised she said this.

I don't know if i. Being played right now or if this girl just doesn't know how to act in a relationship. She told me before she's not good at this stuff but her behavior sketches. me. out.

I remember the first time j asked her to be mine. She said are you sure? Started crying in tears.


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  • First off reading this was painful I hope you're better at putting out fires than you are writing because if not people are fucked.

    She said it herself she wasn't good at the relationship things so she proved to be right, that and that she's a damaged person since she is going to therapy and has what seems as depression. Also why are the parents forbidding anything if you two are over 18 adults... unless that's not the case if so they should be respected.

    • I'm typing on my phone ahah. Figers are fat. I'm not an English major but I'm not retarded either. Her parents are crazy. Why do you think she asked if we were on a break. Can't help but think she was hinting it but didn't want to look like a sloot.

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    • I guess I could be a little insecure too my first thought was that she was hinting at taking a break. That's why I gave her the option. Sometimes it's hard for me to open up to her to because her actions make me feel like I can't trust her sometimes. But this is solid advice. Thank you bro.

    • The key is being very open to eachother, don't assume things but confirm them 100% assuming things doesn't turn out well. Good luck to you bro I really hope it works out for you both.