The "what are we talk" ?

We met and it was instant attraction. She was obsessed. She's not good with emotions very passive. She let out her feelings finally. I made us exclusive. Her parents found out about us and ended it. She freaked out her parents made her see a therapist and she said she didn't eat for months or go out.

Saw each other again for the first time she could barley breath and talk. I got excited asked her if she wanted to move out with me after graduation when I finish the fire academy. She said yes was really excited.

So until graduation we snuck around like twice a month. I remember she brought up the what are we question. Straight up asked her if she wants to hook up with anyone else. Said no way so I made it exclusive.

We talked to her parents it was a diaster. She was hysterical but her parents agreed to let her see me after her birthday. That's a month away.. she asked me what we are again if we are taking a break.. almost sounded like she wanted to. She said are you still mine. I offered her again I'm not there so if you want casual sex thats your decision. Said no but she was asking because I would complain of not getting enough sex. I said no I'm loyal. She replies and says guess your not getting any till next month then.

I asked if she wout dbe offended or hurt if I said yes she said yeah she would and kept asking if I wanted to. She says I'll kill you if you tell me later in the month that you want a break.

She has a slutty past so I don't know. She acts kind of shady but j give her the benefit of the doubt sometimes because I know she's younger and is probabaly scared that she is falling in love.

The girl is moving away from all of her friends and life to. move out with me. Still her past sketches me out and I have no idea why sje asked this j was really surprised because we've gone like 6 months like this seeing her a couple times a month.

Take it back not 6 months about 3. And we wo see each other a couple times within that month.


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  • Alright this is obviously complicated. Age difference is a big deal, so you should mention that. Sounds like you are making a huge commitment and you need to be aware of that. This girl is also making a gigantic decision, this is affecting her family too. The best thing I can say to do is make her happy, win her parents over. If you like her enough to be going through all of this, you need to also show her you like her that much and make it all official. Make it a legitimate relationship and stay true to your word. If you are going to take care of her like it sounds like you are, go all the way. She sounds young, moving from a parents to an unwanted boyfriends house is going to change everything. If you guys are only seeing each other every now and then, are you sure that you know her well enough to want to live with her? Think it through, all the way through. Its up to you on what to call the relationship between you, because that will determine how the relationship evolves.

    • Yeah. I'm three years older her parents hate called me every name in the book. I love her and I know I could live with her but behavior like this really sketches me out. Again she straight up told me she's not good at this stuff but again she a slutty past. I knin of do too so I can't play a double standard. I just don't know why in the world she asked this question. Or she was hinting that she wanted a break but didn't want to look like a slut.

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    • I always thought it was the opposite. I never really show affection too much. She ckmpalined. before asking why I don't show that I care. The first time she saw. me she could barley speak was crying. When we saw each other every couple of months she would cry everytime she left and tried to hide it. When she used to drink around me she would ask thing like don't ever leave me please. When I first asked her to be my girlfriend she asked are you sure and was crying again. She does all this and still acts like a tough chick all the time.

      So your either right or she is just being insecure.

    • She can be insecure which would create unsureness in the relationship. (I'm speaking from experience). She is actually nervous about the whole situation, but sounds like she is determined to go through with it no matter what the outcome will beout so she can proove everyone wrong, even if that means it doesn't work outwrong in the end.

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