I need some advice for my me pay everything relationship?

I've been dating my gf for about 5 months now almost 6. i love her but there are things that is bothering and she doesn't seem to understand. i work about 10 hours a day mon to sat and i get off about 330 to 430 everyday and she doesn't work. we live 25 miles away and i would spend around 15 dollars a day just to see her. i see her about everyday and adds mileage to my truck and cost me around 105 on gas alone to see her a week. she never wants to come see me or doesn't try. everytime we go out on casual restaurants i pay for her food and everytime we go out on dates i pay for everything. I've talked to her about it and asked her why she doesn't contribute and she says her mom told her a man is supposed to pay for everything for a girl so she can feel secure or taken care of. but i grew up different where a relationship should work half and half. she also told me that i want i want to he treated like the girl where i think it should be half and half. we have a very good sex life but sometimes i feel like thats all she wants to give me in return for treating. she has a sister and brother and none of them work. this is a very dependable family and advice they give my gf is that i should do everything pretty much. i always take her out and she never takes me out. then there will be times where i dnt take her out for a week or maybe a little more and she tells me "we are due for a date when are you going to take me out?". i feel pressured sometimes but i do it to make her happy. I've talked to my family and they all say she is lazy and her family is lazy for not working and my gf gets really offended. she is 23 years old and her mom doesn't let her sleep over my house and she has a curfew. sometimes i feel like im dating a little girl cause she doesn't have a sense of independencey. and when i go over to her house we have to be where her mom is watching us. i really love my gf but sometimes i feel like i can do better. am i right for feeling this way or am i wrong?

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  • You can do better. You deserve.. more.

    With my ex sometimes I was really fast and took the bill and I payed, he felt ashamed when we were around people but then he was like "wow". He was a gentleman.

    I believe that is not about who pays is about sharing. I feel good if I can make you happy buying or just taking in consideration my S. O.

    We used to live like 15 miles away from each other but I worked near him so we went on dates during the week where he lived and on the weekends he went to my town.

    I would say that you need to start to think on yourself, what's better for you and something very important, always listen to your family. If you can trust them, follow their advice.


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  • So yes it is nice for the man to pay, chivalry and whatnot is always attractive. BUT not all the time! Even on first dates I at least offer to pay at least half. She's an adult living with very overprotective parents but the strange thing is she thinks this is normal? Hell, they're "life lessons" from mom on how to have someone else do everything for you so you don't have to.

    And think about this, you said it's costing you $105 a WEEK in gas alone, in this almost 6 months you've already spent about $2500 JUST IN GAS who knows how much once you add in weekly date nights. in 6 months!

    Here's an easy way to decide whether to stay or go: If she was a decent human being and wasn't using you for money and dates and financial security to be able to never have to work, then she wouldn't let you pay for everything, she would feel she needed to pull her weight here and there, more importantly she would make an effort to see you. I voted B but I wish there was an option C for RUN AWAY!


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  • entrepremother.files.wordpress.com/.../...ger1.jpg

    She needs to grow the hell up and fast - she'll either have to become an adult, or she'll find another sucker. She's treating you like an ATM and you're allowing it.

  • I think you're being unreasonable, if she wants the shirt off your back you should give it to her. If she finds a new man and cheats on you with him but it turns out he has a terminal illness; you should give that guy any organs he needs!

    I'd dump the stupid bitch!

  • This is ridiculous "she says her mom told her a man is supposed to pay for everything for a girl so she can feel secure or taken care of." That'd he it for me like wtf isn't that the definition of a golddigger?