She gave me an option to take a break?

We can't see each other for a month. We were seeing each other like 3 times aonto prior. She randomly asked me so what are we till then? Are you stI'll mine? Offered if she wanted casual sex without. me just tk be upfront. She said no she was just saying it because I was complaining about not getting laid enough before. Asked her if I said yes would that hurt her. She said yes and said just tell me if you want one because I'll kill you if you tell me half way through the month.

Told her if that bothered her she should have more self respect and she has a say so too. Said Im just not good at this stuff and she doesn't know how I always feel so she has to ask every once in a while.

I feel like she wanted me to say yes sk she wouldn't look like a slut. Either that or she is insecure. Makes me feel like she doesn't care about me if she would allow that though.

Everyone so far has told me she just wanted to know where she stands because I was complaininging and wants to know if I'm going to get It from somewhere esle.


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  • This is ur gf being insecure and wanting you to reassure her. "Are you still mine?" is a very sweet albeit possessive thing to say. Go tell her how much you want her (and only her!) and can't stand the thought of her being with another man

    • I don't know why I took it he wrong way. Thought she wanted me to say yes to the break since it caught me by surprise.

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    • What do you think of that comment. 'Just tell me now because if you tell me half way through the month ima kill you' makes me think she's got someone ready or something.

    • Seems unlikely, just be honest with her and talk to her

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