How many of you men get easily attached/develop feelings for a women very quickly? A few questions listed below. im bored lol answer what you want?

How long does it take you to fall in love with a women entirely?

When you date a women on average do men date because they love the women and may see a future if stuff works or because the women is interesting and it will be fun/what happens happens attitude?

How long would you date a women where a breakup would heart break you?

When do you introduce a girl to close family, friends and grandparents?

Do you do this with all gf or just ones u are super serious about?
what are reasons you break up with a women? beside the obvious.

Also other people can add questions or answers im bored o message me if you want with quesstions


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  • For me it's about a month. In all relationships I have had I usually kept in regular contact with them daily to build a stronger connection. About a month into talking with them and going out with them periodically then I know for sure.

    I usually look to see if we mesh well, share interests with one another, can actually communicate to one another (this one is huge), and see if we share common goals for the future.

    Hmm if I knew we were going to breakup? I am not entirely sure, I was in a situation before where I knew the person wasn't good for me she was cheating on me and verbally threatening me and hitting me while I still was unsure at the time my feelings for her but that kind of settled it for me it wasn't going to work. Also I was in a 2 year relationship where the girl broke up with me and that really messed me up pretty bad.

    Lol umm it took me about 6 months to introduce my current girlfriend just because my parents are rather strange.

    Hmm not sure of the question
    I have only broken up with one woman as I stated above she was abusive so I decided I needed to get away from that.


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  • 1. Statistically as low as 3 minutes. But can be more. Personally i'm wired to judge personality, so takes me at least a couple weeks (so better befriend me first)

    2. at a young age it's more often a "roll with the emotions and see what happens", but as a guy ages and settles down the goal turns towards "sees a future"

    3. What do you mean?

    4. No defined time. When i feel secure in her, and trust her. It'd be kinda awkward to introduce her after a week, and have her leave. So while i might mention her earlier it's probably goign to be officially after a couple months. Allthough for friends and parents it'll be more whenever we bump into them.

    5. Why break up? Because we're incompatible and it won't work, because she's being too much of a dramaqueen, because she lies or can't be trusted, overly yealous... and the obvious ones.

    • It only takes you a few weeks to fall in love with a girl? How common is that though?

    • I said "at least", but usually more. Usually I've known her for a couple months first. But after that it takes a couple weeks to a couple months before it's official

  • -Takes 1 Saturday
    -All of the above
    -Don't know I have no heart
    -Whenever she feels comfortable enough to mwet them
    -just with @linkywinky
    -As soon as it feels like it ran it's course or infidelity

  • I think I do. I wish I didn't though. My heart gets broken so many times.

  • The more inexperienced a guy, the faster he'll fall in love. Experienced guys learn to hit the breaks on falling in love. The clever ones don't fall in love (or at the very least, minimize its impact).

    When you fall in love with a girl, you are more likely to make emotional decisions. As a guy, emotional decisions ruin relationships. Here's the key: be great in bed, let the girl fall in love and make her feel loved, but don't actually fall in love with her.

    If she amuses me, is interesting, has qualities that I desire in a partner, I'll keep her around. I screen very hard for desirable qualities, but after I've found them, then I let things relax a bit. Keeping a "let's see what happens" attitude is best--helps prevent feelings of love. If you look for love, you're playing a losing game as a man. Don't misunderstand that the relationship is being allowed to "just be"--I'm very, very carefully managing it. Being a skilled relationship manager = a happy woman.

    Don't miss the importance of that. Being a skilled relationship manager = a happy woman. NOT Being in love with a woman = a happy woman. Love is for women, not for men.

    • Didn't notice the other questions. I'll tackle a few.

      How long before heartbreak? Depends if I wasn't careful about falling in love. Not always possible to avoid. That said, I've learned to deal with heartbreak quickly, so it's mostly a non-issue.

      I do not look for a woman to be in a serious relationship with. I look for a collection of admirable personal qualities, and it's easiest to find those if you take a laid back attitude to dating--you won't start seeing what you want to see, rather than what's actually there (or not).

      If I'm at all serious with a girl, she isn't meeting family for at least a year. Friends sooner, as a screening mechanism.

      I treat all women the same (with obvious exceptions, like accounting for personality)--no idea which will be a keeper or not, so run them each through the same filtering process to see who gets to stick around or who has to find another man.

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    • "may" work? haha, it isn't a question of if.

    • Thats good if you found that works for you!

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  • Thank you for asking this. I'm legitimately trying to figure out those questions myself since I'm new to the dating scene.