What does he think is going on? Where is this going?

Last March I started dating this guy and things were going really well. A few weeks later his mom was diagnosed with cancer and he had to move back in with her to help take care of her, pay her bills etc. He said that it was just not the right time for him to be starting a relationship but that he wanted to still hang out as friends. I, of course, totally understood. The thing is, that we have never hung out as friends... instead when we hang out we cuddle, hold hands, and make out.

In July he moved back into his own place and I've slept over a few times. We have never had sex but close. We don't talk all the time like we used to but when we see each other we pick right back up where we started.

I always have a really good time with him, laughing, teasing, being sweet, being sexy... it's clearly not just "friends" but what is it?

I know I could ask him but I guess I'm not willing to risk losing what we have going on by making it awkward. I know he's not seeing anyone and I'm not either. (whenever I do go out, I always wish I was just hanging out with him instead)

So help me out, what do you think is happening here?


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  • If he is mature about it he won't think things are awkward , just ask him , if YOU feel things getting awkward then YOU can't be mature about what's happening

  • Your starting back where left off... your going out again


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