I'm the hospital and mil and fil didn't visit or ask about me?

OK so I was recently in the hospital for a fee nights with a bad respitory infection for 4 nights. My in laws who live close by me and my husband didn't visit me once and didn't even ask my husband or I how I'm doing. Like seriously wtf I thought we were close. I could maybe understand not visiting but they could have at least sent a get well card or asked how I was doing. When my sister in law was in the hospital for about the same amount of time they visited her every day and sent flowers and cards but its like with me they don't give two shits when I was in the hospital. When my husband told them I was in the hospital they were literally like oh that sucks I hope she gets better. Maybe im the crazy one here but I feel like if a family member that is close to you is in the hospital you should at least make an effort to show you care. Thoughts.


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  • You should say "hey" to make them know that you care about them.

    • I guess but I thought by my previous actions they would have known that already.

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  • That is shit.
    I'm fucking mad just reading this.
    Some people are so inconsiderate.
    Mad, mad I am at those fuckers.
    Sorry, I am fuming.

    • I know right like hell if an acquaintance of mine was in the hospital I would probably send up a card let alone a family member

    • I really don't know quite what to say.
      WTF kind of people are these.
      Anybody in the hospital I can care about.
      I was a candy striper in HS, and in my second year of nursing school.
      People there have a hard enough time, depressed and all, and if they can't count on their own family or in laws.
      fuck them
      they don't deserve you.
      I promise to think of you tonight.
      so will my guy.
      He will shit when he hears this.
      Love you, from the heart.