How to know if this guy likes me?

this guy i'm talking to is kind of shy, but at the same time flirty. But it's hard for me to know if he definitely likes me or is just flirty, or something?

also, how do i show him i'm into him, things to say, etc?


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  • You can flirt back in a very direct way. Or if you feel safe enough to do it just tell him. Just be careful if the guy is shy that some things can scare him. Oh, and pay attention to his behavior to other girls, if he flirts with all of the girls he talks he must be flirty. It's hard to say if he likes you or not.

    • well, he knows i like him, and he told me i'm the only girl he talks to? I just don't believe that he likes me because he never actually initiates plans to hangout or anything? You know?

    • Well, he's shy, I wouldn't expect him to initiate anything.

  • Ask him to hang out or go out and get coffee or something. or invite him over to your house to watch movies. Cuddle with him and see if he will make a move, if not then you should make one by kissing him or something. Nothing can go wrong with that.

    • you see, we talk about hanging out and cuddling but neither of us really makes the real plans, how do you even do that, i'm honestly, used to guys just being straight forward and stuff?

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    • wow didn't think of that one! But the thing is i don't want to be too straight forward if he doesn't like me you know, i was thinking of something more subtle?

    • Well if he doesn't know you don't like him... this is a good hint to break it to him you know? He (should) will get the hint.

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