How soon after a coffee "date/meet up" should I text a guy if I like him? I'm 25. He's 29. I couldn't really tell if he felt the same way?

We met online 2 weeks ago. Talked, texted, and met up for coffee tonight. We talked for about 2 hours (a few awkward silences here and there but mostly good conversation). We have some things in common and seem to be on the same page so to speak. It wasn't perfect, but I would be interested in getting to know him more.

1. He got there early and already ordered (so he didn't pay). I'm totally fine with this, but I know that all of these things mean something in terms of level of interest so I don't know if this factors in.
2. When we greeted each other, I went in for a hug but he wanted a handshake; the hug took over.
3. We talked. He didn't seem to be ending the conversation, so he must have been enjoying himself?
4. I had plans afterwards with friends and so I wrapped it up.
5. We left, but no hug or anything. He kind of hesitated and looked at me at the end before leaving but I was so nervous I just said let me know if you want to hang out.

I kind of want to clarify that I do like him and we should hang out. Is it too soon to text (It's been about an hour and a half).

How soon is too soon to say "i had a nice time and would like to do it again"? Or what would be a good text to send that's not too desperate?


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  • You can text whenever, don't worry about sounding desperate. He's probably shy, hence the handshakes. Shy guys like girls who make the first move.

    Also I thought you said you were meeting up with friends, but you're on here 1.5 hours after seeing him? ;)

    • I didn't look at my phone during our meet up and so I only realized when I got to my car that my friend had texted that he canceled, otherwise I would have stayed longer chatting with him.

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  • i would text him back now


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  • You need to give him at least 24 hours to text you. Sounds like you let him know you're interested, the balls in his court.

  • Text in 2 days. :-)