How do I tell a guy I want to be with him?

I would like some cute and creative ways to tell a guy that I want to be with him. I'm not nervous about telling him or anything I just want to make it fun. We're both kinda old fashioned when it comes to this stuff so I'm hoping hell ask me to be his girlfriend but I need a way to let him know I'm ready for a relationship now. I've been holding it off so I know he wants to be with me he was just waiting until I was ready and now that I am I would like some cute way to tell him


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  • You: I'm here to steal something of yours.
    *wait for his reaction*
    You: Your heart


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  • Isn't telling him yiu want to be with him asking him to be yiur bf anyhow?

    I fint see what fashion has to do with it. If you want someone just tell them. Honesty never goes out of fashion. Life's too short to waste time trying to be cute about something very straightforward. Just tell him. Worry about creativity once you're actuslly together instead of wasting it on a message.

    Anyhow if he's attracted to you , you telling him you want to be with him will look plenty cute. Long as it's genuine and gentle.