Could you still have a chance to approach a girl if she is hanging out with another guy?

But they aren't official.

I have 2 questions:

How can you tell if a girl and guy are official?

Can I still approach her if she isn't official with him?


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  • Depends what you mean by hanging out.

    If she is just hanging out with him, than maybe, yeah, investigate a little.

    But if he's like, over at her house and their going to the movies, then she's probably off the market.

    1) The best way is to ask either one of them. If you don't want to go up to her and ask if she's taken, you can ask the guy if he's got a girlfriend. Tease him a little if you're good friends.

    2)If she isn't, she still may like him. Be careful, and watch your boundaries--be smart.

    • Well I don't really know the kid, so I don't know if they hang out after school, but he hangs out with her at lunch and after school.

  • okay, to be completely honest, if you had a shot with her you would know if she was dating that guy. Or at least that's my opinion. It doesn't sound like you have ever even talked to her. You can approach her even if she WAS dating the guy, you just shouldnt be creepy about it. If you are interested in this girl you should get to know her as a person, or a friend first. THEN after you know her well enough to know if she has a boyfriend start thinking about other things.


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