Just move on at the first sign of disinterest/excuses? ask them whats up?

Was wondering peoples opinions on this.
I recently had a good third date with a girl, we kissed a couple times (and i know she wanted to kiss and all) but afterwards she become colder when responding to texts and the last time i asked her out she gave an excuse about doing stuff with her family on that day (granted it was over the holidays) she didn't try to make the plans work. so I assume that means she's not into it.

I mean obviously forgetting her seems to be what most people would say.

but Is it okay to ask a girl where we stand/ if she's still interested in going out ( without beating around the bush ) or is it considered needy?

Just seems odd that she lost interest so quickly when the week before the date she was really into me.


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  • At this point you have nothing to lose by asking her if she still wants to date, so ask her out one more time. If she says no, move on.


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