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This guy was annoying me. He always does. I'm 22 and he's like 18
He has child like humor and I hate it. He always teases me in an annoying way. He compliments me like about the same thing like 6 times a day daily. I just got annoyed with him one day. I called him annoying in an angry voice and walked away then when I came back and he was telling his friend. He walked away and my friend came back and I was telling her what happened. He was walking by just to hear. Pretending to go to the bathroom. He came back and hour later and he tried to come back to talk to me to ask me something. But I was busy and still angry. With headphone on and he just walked away mad. When we were punching out with all our other co workers he was acting different and all quiet and uncomfortable
But he tried talking to me in a different way like all calm and told me don't forget to punch out. But I just ignore him. And he just looked upset


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  • Your annoyance is entertaining to him probably.


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  • Only thing I'ma say to this is, He's 18. Young, immature. Keep that in mind. You are a bit older and most women mature quicker then men anyways.

    • Exactly
      Why are all the orher men angry

    • Again i repeat, most guys are immature. One says something they all buy in. Maybe they don't like you? Who cares. ultimately it was at work you are there to do a job. Keep personal life personal and work work. Will at the end of the day keep you happy and semi-sane.

  • How come this was asked in the dating section

  • He is playing with you and talking to you like a good friend, good friends annoy each other for the fun of it, call each other names or w/e, you getting angry because you're stuck up and take everything too serious are the problem, he obviously knew you got angry so he talked calm to you to try and make up with you but you just ignored him like the asshole you are, fuck off.

    • Nah I'm usually always good with when men tease me but he was getting annoying
      Like a little kid

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    • playing = having fun

    • In what way

  • You stole 11 seconds of my life and I want them back!


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