Christian dating tips?

I have never been on a date. How do you tell the guy your values and morals without seeming uptight and overly religious?

Serious answers please!


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  • I half agree and half disagree with Recklessheart's answer.

    I think issues as serious as religion needs to be brought up earlier in the dating process. Unless you met him at church. So that if he's not OK with you being a religious christian, he can back off right away and it would stop the both of you from wasting time for further dates, meeting family, etc.

    I agree with her that it's not a good conversation topic. But that's not an excuse to put it off til you've wasted months of your life with this one guy who may or may not be OK with your beliefs.

    My suggestion: make obvious hints. If you're going for dinner, bow your head and pray silently before digging in. Let him know that you'll be praying first though, so he wouldn't be talking to a non-responsive person. If you're not goin g for dinner, I don't really know what to suggest lol sorry...

    • It is best to let him know early on, I agree. I like the hints idea. It keeps someone from awkwardly blurting out, "hey I'm a Christian" lol. Thank you : )

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    • Thank you for the great advice! I appreciate it.

    • yoU're welcome.

      I was once a christian too and in my opinion, it would be better if you also find a christian guy. That way you won't have to deal with this and the possible rejection of some of the religious things you do, even when he seems to accept it now.

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  • The biggest thing you have to think of and remember with this is, stay true to yourself. Sometimes things may change, values, morals, whatever. Alwasy be yourself though. At the end of the day if the guy you are interested in can't respect and accept that, are you sure you want to be with said guy? If he really likes you he will respect what you have to say and won't think of it as being uptight so much as you sticking to your guns.

  • My roommate's name is Christian. He's an asshole. Don't date Christians.


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  • Be yourself! Just be casual, you don't need to explain anything right away! If there's one thing I've been taught, on a first date, don't bother bringing up politics or religion. They aren't good conversation topics for someone you're just meeting. If the relationship progresses more and you get a bit more serious, you can confide your beliefs in him; I mean, if he's meeting your family, he'll probably find out anyway (by the prayer before dinner, or whatever it may be). You don't need to tell him your morals straight out of the gate!