Become friends first or make it clear from the beginning that you want more?

Become friends first or make it clear from the beginning that you want more? Which do you think is a better approach? I'm not talking about becoming friends for years, but several weeks maybe a couple of months, to get to know each other better. Girls rarely agree to go out with a guy they just met (at least, when they're 18), so how do you make it clear that you want more? Just tell her that she is attractive when you first meet her, would that let her know?

I don't exactly look like a movie star, it's generally my personality that attracts girls, if that matters.

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  • If it was me I would want to know from the beginning if you were interested in forming a relationship other than friendship. If you didn't make it clear I would start seeing you as a friend after a few weeks. Drop subtle hints and let them know from the beginning that you're interested in them.

    • Thanks :). What sort of hints?

    • Yeah how'd you make it clear...

    • Just complimenting someone can have a huge affect. Tell them how pretty their eyes or hair looks. If you're friends on social networks comment on a picture they posted and call them beautiful. Just don't go too far and tell them how beautiful your babies would be if you procreate with each other when you first meet them. I did that to my last boyfriend and now he's my fiancĂ©, awkward.

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  • Become friends but not bff's because that just means friend zoned. Be friends but once in a while show a slight initiation that you like her and are not her best friend forever that will for example eat ice cream with u on your periodXD


What Guys Said 2

  • Become friends first is a big fail, won't work.

    Girls are all about feeling, make her feel romantic about you is the key, don't let her frindzone you, or you are out of the game.

  • make it clear from the begging now you don't want to make it obvious because that can get annoying and they'll just think you want to hook up so just get to talking with her first then once you two feel like you've met then you can include some flirty conversation and some teasing a lot of smiles look for an excuse to lean in like if she asks you for help on her paper and even throwing some winks her way they aren't annoying or obnoxious but they get the message through that you find her attractive and don't just look at her as a friend.

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