I want to date my friend but im confused?

Okay so first were both 14 and second we talk everynight third she is smart beautiful etc but she thinks she's not and I help her a lot with it and she's said im the only guy she trusts. and forth we go to school together and talk and hug all the time. and fifth we got into a fight recently and it was stupid but it wasn't my fault but I recently apologized to her and made everything as good as possible and tonight I said goodnight (her name) and I miss you and we havnt seen eachother since I apologized because of Christmas break so my question is, I really like her and I honestly think she likes me to but when I talk to her she says night and 2 hours later she's still online and she knows I like her and I hope she does I tell her she's beautiful and smart etc but she doesent believe it herself and I tell her this everyday even when we were fighting and she suicidal and I help her with tat she trusts me a lot and I miss her a lot because me and her had a thing in the past and I just really miss her and I honestly don't know what to do please help me im really confused if there is any advice that would be nice. I think I love her.


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  • No offense, but at 14, you don't love her. Sorry if that was rude, but you need to physically go out with her and talk face to face. It doesn't matter if she likes you or not (from that description she does) just GET TO KNOW HER FIRST. Don't jump into a huge relationship super fast.

    • I don't want to seem rude when I say this but I know saying love at such a young age is hard but I can't ever get her off my mind and I've known her for 7 years now and I know a lot about her. its not super fast either, I know her that's why I like her Im not like any other dude who dates people for there looks I care for personality not looks I don't care if there obese I just care if there personality is great in my opinion
      but thnks though

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    • And you're fine :)

    • thank you so much

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  • It's seems to me that she's playing hard to get although she knows you care for her already. Just continue saying you love her until it's drilled in her head. If she truly does love you she will come for you. She maybe wants more attention from you. Just continue what ur doing, built that friendship then move into a relationship.

    • ThANK YOU hahah wow I have 1 question and people go to it are you all Canadian too cause your all nice thanks

    • No problem - Me personally I'm not Canadian - my ethnicity is moroccan but was born & raised in LA

  • Be honest with her and tell her that you miss her. Talk to her face to face and let her know how much you care in person so it will hit home.
    As a side note is that Ezra off Fairy Tail in your picture? She's such a hottie.

    • haha yes its ezra from fairy tale and I have told her when I hug her all the time that I do care for her she does know I like her and why I do, but I've never had a chance to say why I missed her cause I went to a far away place for Christmas and couldn't see her I Skype her everynight which is the best I can do I actually cried once cause I was telling her why I cared for her, and thanks everyone for the help.

  • All you can do is ask her. That's the /only/ way you'll know for sure if she likes you. If she isn't interested, accept it and remain friends. If she's going through a depressive episode, she may not want to be in a relationship. She may also want to focus on her school work - you're both very young after all. At this age, relationships are rarely permanent. Regardless, stick with her and support her. Even if you don't end up dating, she'll be grateful to have a good friend like you.

  • You could love her if she's suicidal the best thing to do is to let her know that someone out there (you) cares about her intensely (good luck)

    • thank you but I've already let her know im here for her and I've talked her either our of it a few times or just talked her into not thinking about it hell sometimes I start crying when we talk about it because my auntie commited suicide so I hate this subject and I just like helping people who are stuck in it and honestly I think im pretty good at it anyways she knows im there for her, and thank you

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    • Oh I see, usually girls like that will lie because they feel like no one can or will ever love them, so just continue to stay by her side eventually she will see that you really care

    • thank you
      it helps a lot I really mean it

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