Would you go one dates on and off with a girl for a year if you didn't like her?

I'm confused, I've been seeing the same guy in and off for the past year. We haven't had sex but we did fool around once, somehow i just feel like I care more and am putting in more effort. My question is would you entertain a girl you weren't sleeping with for a year if you had no feelings for her? I keep asking him to tell me how he feels but he doesn't say much, just that "obviously he likes me" .. He just doesn't show it as much as he should in my opinion.


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  • I wouldn't behave like that, no. But then I'm not the guy in question.

    I can understand how someone with a lot of options could behave like that however. "He's not that into you."

    If you really want some resolution either a) kick him out of your life or b) convince him you're a really good choice.

    • I think i'll have to go with A) then.

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