How do you get a bf or guy when guys are too intimidated by you?

first off, is it rude for a guy to ask a girl on a first date to a nude beach then walk up to her naked.. and also tell her he's there with another guy he met online, who's naked too? this happened to me recently, and he made me feel like the third wheel and i left.. then later he said he wanted to have sex with me but thought i wasn't interested and im thinking.. oh lucky me.. what a jerk?

secondly.. im an attractive female.. meeting a guy is next to impossible because im really pretty/hot. it seems 95% of men are scared, intimidated or mean to me b/c im hot or try to control and mistreat me. i can't get a boyfriend.. this is a problem for me. You'd think men would go nuts over a hot sexually pretty woman, but they don't. some guys after seeing my pics said how can you not have a bf? you can get any guy you want... one man went psychotic after seeing my pictures online he found them on a modeling website and began harassing me calling me a fake. because men hate me so much b/c im pretty, or think im too good for them or are too insecure.. how can a girl like me get a guy.. the sad thing is EVERYONE thinks i can get any guy i want and that i have all this power.. in reality i have none and im f*cked basically...

if i ever asked a guy out he'd reject me for an ego trip to reject a hot girl and b/c he's too scared and thinks im out of his league or he's not good enough. most guys reject me and creeps like me and try to use me. most men degrade me... what kind of guys can women like me go for since everyone is too scared of us. im nice and down to earth but it doesn't matter.. men are crazy and psycho it seems..

i can't go for a nice guy because they dont think theyre good enough.. im not sure what kind of guys hot women can get with since it seems 95% of the male population is out due to insecurity issues, self esteem, league issues etc.. it seems if you're hot the selection of guys u can get with goes down and you're left with hardly anyone..

even sexually men reject me b/c they're scared or insecure and again im left with nothing. most just want to reject for an ego trip and b/c they dont think they're good enough.. its the same story. i know a guy who knows a hot girl in the same situation--she can't get a bf and says men are intimidated and she's confused.. it seems if ur hot u can't get a bf but if ur ugly u can. this is a problem for pretty women everywhere it seems.. most men avoid them or are too scared


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  • Have you considered joining an online dating site? Guys are always complaining about not getting responses. You could look through profiles, find qualities that seem appealing to you, contact them before a face-to-face meet to rule out the jerks and fakes (to some degree) and to reduce the apprehension of your would be suitor. I met someone out of my league this way. She posted pics that didn't exactly portray her in the best light - but we just clicked through email. Same occurred when we met in person, but turns out she was really hot, too. Your experience may very, but I'm pretty damn happy with the results.

    • yes thats a good idea... except most of the time, the guys are the same- theyre too flaky or jerks, or also play games.. im on lots of online dating sites.. you probably got lucky b/c online can be really bad.. some people do get lucky though and have good experiences... but that is a good way of doing it i think.. just contact the men you might like. actually, when i was on eharmony, many men rejected me instantly.. i was shocked-i had beautiful pictures.. same reason- they hated me b/c i was pretty.. i think either way if ur pretty ur f*cked.. and not even sexually just in general..

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  • I imagine the basic thought being, that if nobody picked you up, there must be a damn good reason to stay away from you.

  • I don't know, I'm not intimated by a pretty girl because generally on a daily basis most girls don't even come close to being in my league, even the 10s.

  • Problem solved,
    I'm available ! 😬

  • Lets see pics lady I've had some really hot chicks.


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  • Ok, so first off, what that guy did was totally rude. He was practically just using it to check you out. A first date should mean getting to know each other, in an emotional way. Just you two.

    Also, based on what you said, It seems that you want a real relationship with a good guy. Maybe you're searching in the wrong places? And when you do find a nice guy, make it very clear to him that he's not out of your league, and explain why you chose him over other guys, a little confidence boost.

    Most importantly, don't lower your standards, just because there's less options available. You deserve better than to settle for someone who will disrespect you or won't treat you right. I have no doubt that you'll find a great guy when you're least expecting it. That's when all the good things happen. Best of luck! 😊

    • oh yeah those are good ideas.. for sure.. thanks la femme.. and yes its true not to lower your standards.. and yes i guess to tell those guys, why i'd want to be with them.. i just dont get the whole league thing b/c i dont feel like anyone is out of anyone's league but these guys do. heck even good looking guys feel insecure or are the most it seems sometimes.. guys who im even attracted to or have chemistry with... it's really weird.. but yeah i agree that guy at the beach was rude and weird.. he was a creep.. i ditched him through text... thanks again :)

    • Glad I could help! But remember, everyone is insecure in some way or another, it's natural. They just need reassurance.

  • you... don't. #singleforever

    • Except on Saturdays winkydink

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    • whoa, calm down with the hostility.

    • YES! <3

      She's my deranged version of a female!

  • I thought that was just a thing women told each other to make them feel better.

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