Why is my Ex so strange?

He broke up with me a month ago.
But now, he texted me saying his friend is nagging him to introduce us (He said his friend thinks that female pilots are "hot"). Why is he doing that?

Also when I told him that I was shocked with his behavior and I felt disappointed, he told me he may be going to that party as well. He then asked me why I would feel disappointed.

WTF is he doing? Does he want me to boost his ego by saying I really want him back and miss him? Do we really have a chance?


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  • If anything, he is being very childish.

    • Oh! I also forgot to state that I asked him would he be happy/fine if I hooked up with his friend but he never replied. What do you think is going on, perhaps?

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    • Wait, how old is his friend?

    • I am not sure but I would presume in his mid or early twenties.