Would you ever have feelings for your friend with benefits?

1) It's a bad idea but would you be stupid enough to fall for them?

2) Do you fall in love with them (rven just a little bit) when having sex?


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  • i think that you always will have feelings foreachoter because you are doing something intimate.. but most of the time one of the two gets hurt because the one gets feelings and the other one not

  • A lot of people enter a friends with benefits arrangement with this naive and warped notion that they can have sex (the most intimate thing two humans can do together) and not develop any feelings for the other person. Now some people don't, but they're a tiny minority of people because most emotionally and healthy people cannot separate feelings from intimacy, so they get attached and yes they can fall in love.

    If a person is friends with someone my advice is to keep it that way and if they find that they are both attracted to each other then why not pursue a full blown relationship? Why start a friends with benefit situation because (one or two people aren't ready for full blown commitment) and potentially ruin a perfectly good friendship? It seems like lunacy to me.

    • My friend and I became a part of this lunacy... I know he likes me, but he lived in a ghetto-ish street and I live in a peaceful one in the same city.

      We were super chill until he invited me to smoke and drink, and then I got in trouble because i didn't go to school etc.

      And we became friends with benefits and We would always meet up behind a church at 4:30 to makeout and do things...

      He gets mad at me though because I have a bf..., he says well its your fault, you don't need me, your mom hates me, you're way smarter, don't hold my hand im not your bf etc.

      But he still makesout with me and does "things" for me and says i'm really pretty... :(

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    • Right and the point of disclosing this information to me is what exactly?

    • oh sorry that crap was supposed to be on my update the question thingy.

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