Girls, are grooming and confidence more important to making a man sexy than natural good looks (be honest ;) )?

I've seen a few girls mention this. By confidence, I mean secure in himself and by grooming, I mean showering, hygiene and hair. Natural good looks refers to the likes of Clooney or Brad Pitt.

  • An average looking guy who is confident and well groomed is sexier than a naturally attractive guy who isn't confident and well groomed.
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  • Natural looks are by far the most important. Grooming and confidence are minir details.
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  • Grooming and confidence are major to me. A guy can be the best looking guy around but if he stinks or is just flat out insecure then it is a major turn off for me. And I'm not talking about the kind of stink a guy may get if he has been working out or doing something active. If he doesn't take care of himself then how do I know he can take care of a relationship?

    • So is confidence that big a deal?

    • I think that hygene is more important but considering that I am confident in myself, I would also want a someone that is like me.

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  • I think a confident guy is cool BUT. A guy with confidence and well groomed is just PERFECTION that's my opinion

  • Yeah a guy doesn't neccesarily have to be goodlooking for me to like hikm but he does have to be clean

  • Natural looks, It's actually it bit of a turn off if I find him to be average in my eyes and he is groomed and confident. I don't mind a man who is well groomed but an overly confident man is probably the most unattractive thing a guy could be to me.

    • So would you really prefer a guy lacking in confidence?

      Or are you saying that a man's confidence should be proportionate to his looks?

    • I mean I'd rather a guy be under confident than over confident. I don't prefer a guy lacking in confidence just as long as he is not over confident and a guy being over confident especially if he is very attractive is a huge turn off.

  • I like brainers.
    Other guys so bore me.
    I voted A.

  • To me, natural good looks are the main thing and hygiene, hygiene is very important, much more than grooming or confidence.

    • Well by grooming I actually meant hygiene too. Does that then make grooming AND hygiene more important than natural looks?

    • No, natural looks are still more important to me. I want the alpha dog, I don't want the runt, know what I mean?

    • So by alpha dog you mean the hottest guy?

  • It's a balance. You need to have attraction to your date, but he doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous. Different girls have different tastes when it comes to looks, too. Women are really keen on a good scent on a man, so being clean is a must.


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