Blew off my chance with this girl. where did it go wrong?

mkay so the first dating attempt for me in a long time and i blew it.

i would like you analysis on this because I'm quite new at dating so i don't know what to learn from it.

the whole event takes about a month which i will divide into approx. dates.

day 1-10: girl who works at the bar i frequent show interest.

day 11- i talk to her for maybe 3 minutes before being interrupted.

day 12-19: more body language/eye contact from the girl and also now from me.

day 20: ask her phone number, saying i want to take her to the dinner. get a 'yes', then phone number... and here's where the idiocy begins. i ask for her name afterwards. her smart phone is gone, by the way. she shows me a cheap phone saying that her phone is in repair atm. and can only kakaotalk [IM service] (totally legit excuse, btw)

day 23, sunday: try calling but no answer. text her hi. get a hi back.
me: what are you doing?
her: busy with work i couldn't get done during the week
let's have dinner tonight
sorry, busy tonight but i'll be free at afternoon sometime next week

now, i take this as a strike one and a downgrade- it's suppose to be a dinner, not an afternoon meet. next couple of texts are idiot blubber on my part.
since getting her number i've been too excited that by now i have lost control of my cool.

day 24-25: more idiot texting on my part. no wit, just awkward impersonal questions that she doesn't seem too interested to answer.
last text i send her is 'oh god i think i'm failing at this text thing' her: no it's just me i still haven't fixed my phone so i can only do this on a computer.

day 26: i go to the bar on a business. by now i am completely frozen up. naturally, she's overly friendly to me now but i am unable to make conversation. i seriously only said hi and bye to her the whole 4 hours i was there.

day 27: call again, phone still doesn't work.
i know she is off today because i know the employee schedule of the bar.

text- me:hey let me know if you want to meet up today. and yes, i am pressuring you.
her 6 hours later: sorry i was out all day. i will be like this from now on.
i chat some more unproductive blabber, realizing it's already strike 2.

day 29: business at the bar again. she seem very uncomfortable around me now, avoiding me altogether. naturally, i act the same. then i stop her on my way out, say 'i don't wanna bother you about this anymore but i still wanna go
still wanna go on a date with you.'. her: 'i don't want...' me: 'so no date?' 'no?' her: 'no'

the end.

yeah, i'm pretty bummed out by the loss but even as i type it out now, it's pretty funny how bad i was at this.

what i'd like to know is, how was the dinner downgraded to an afternoon meet at my first text, and if i came on too strong both instances of text. it really is a deal breaker that i couldn't talk to her on the phone since that could've felt much more natural to me.



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  • ii thiink you're ju2t a tiiny biit too awkward. try agaiin next time, and good luck too you.