Girl I am dating kind of freaked me out, what should I do?

I started talking with a girl a month ago. We really hit off in the beginning. Things were really nice and ok. But the more time I spent talking with her the more she became cold, distant and depressed.

Yesterday I had a talk with her and she told me we were just "acquaintance" after flirting for a while now. Hearing her say that really turned me off or did something weird to me and now I am just frozen.

She also mentioned that she expected someone to sweep her off her feet. This again made me feel like crap because I was talking with her with romantic interest in my mind, and for me it meant she thought crap of me. I found that extremely disrespectful.

Next she was always paranoid when I went with my friends and told me I will leave her with another girl and crap like that. But then she said we were only "acquaintances" so why should she be jealous for no reason. "Acquaintances" are not like that and they do not force you to only date her.

What should I do? I had this discussion with her, she said she liked me and I liked her back but I am just shocked at her. I do not feel like contacting her back and starting fresh with another girl.


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  • Start the New year off Right and Ripe, Alecu, and Wring out the Old And-------Ring in the New. It doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that this 'Girl' that you have Only known a Month of Mondays, has emotional issues that are beginning to rattle your own chains with her Being--------Cold, distant and depressed.
    It's just the beginning of her beguine and it's not going to get any better. She is showing sure signs, make no bones about it, that she isn't into a relationship with you, has personal issues to boot and that she cannot be trusted.
    End the madness and before the clock strikes Midnite tomorrow Nite-----No contacting her again and start Fresh with another girl.
    You deserve better than this unglued yo yo... she will have you going crazy, going up and down every day, all the time, stringing you along, after awhile making you feel not even like an 'Acquaintance' But A... stranger in the nite.
    Good luck and Happy new year. xx

    • Well I do not know if it is my fault or not. I let her contact me more often than I contacted her. I let her do a lot of jokes but when I said some jokes back she did not get them. I guess I still need to learn a lot about girls and people in general.

    • This one is a train wreck ready to crash and burn your life with it... move on, you deserve better... it's not You, it's---Her. xx

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  • I don't know... freak her out back.


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  • Yeah she is a bad egg bro.
    That's just the surface of it, she will become worse if she decides you two are official.
    All those stories of crazy abusive girl friends all start off like this, stop Persuing her no matter how attractive she is, looks are only skin deep as your probably now starting to realise.

    • No wonder she is single for the past year or so. Also she never had a relationship since high school I believe. I do not know how to compensate for all her insecurities and inexperience.

    • @asker you don't.
      You get he fuck out before you get to emotionally envolved and its to hard to end it, she's trouble ditch her for a normal female that will actually make you feel valued.

  • "We really hit off in the beginning.', I've decided that if these words pop up in a post the automatic answer is "Just quit." It's always weird BS after this.

  • ju2t leave, 2he'2 obviiou2ly an iidiiot.

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