I still considered girl an option to date but wonder if she's long since given up on me?

I meet her during the summer at this bar we both went to in hometown and she seemed really interested but we very really dated and more just hung out at the bar and I also meet a bunch of her gf's as well there. I considered her a really good option as a potential girl to date as she's like early 20's and a dental student at college and seems really quality girl. but she went back off to school in September and I haven't really seen much of her or her gf's since. I worry she was interested back then but might of long since gave up on me and trying to meet another guy if she hasn't already. I tried to contact her online a couple weeks back , she let me add her but she never replied or had anything to say back so really not sure what to do


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  • Why didn't you ask her out during the summer? Did you make any moves?

    If you didn't escalate the relationship in the direction you desired, she is not thinking about you as a potential partner. She is off at school, dating men in her area.

    She's definitely not waiting around for "the guy from the bar" she hung out with in her hometown.

    • part of the problem was I also meet her gf's and was attracted to them but one I really had a thing for already had a bf and another has since found a bf so they aren't real options but I was attracted to them at the time. I never really asked any of these girls out or even suggested we should stay in touch when they were off at school.