Would you not want to go in circles?

A guy I met online and flirted with but wouldn't date him for months has gradually started flirting again after me telling him I like him now... he flirted for three days straight and I thought we were getting somewhere. Then all of a sudden, few hours after complimenting me he ignores messages he reads straight away! It's now been three days of him suddenly ignoring my four messages. I'm very head f##ked... my friends say he's probably being cautious because we've started chatting again just just like we used to but we never moved forward because I put off meeting up for so long... that he doesn't want to be strung along again and go round in circles again without moving forward. .. thoughts? I don't want to send a fifth message asking to meet on a certain day because i'd feel i'm pestering him.


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  • You have a right to know this guys intentions, so try messaging him saying that you have noticed that he has gone quiet and that you don't want to put effort into someone if they don't want to return that effort. If he don't reply, then your better off moving on away from him, x

  • He's just confused that's all, emotionally you've put him in a circle and told him to piss in the corner.

    • Thanks. I'm just worrying he's dating a new girl. I'm ready to commit and realize my mistake... only I worry it's too late. Will he contact me again?

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    • He's just contacted me and was flirting with me again...

    • see.. lol.

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