Any tips for first date?

Ok so I'm 23 y/o and never had like an official date with a woman. I've been talking for a few days with a woman I met in the internet; she was always liking my photos etc... And I decided to send her a message. Well that message worked great because we been having this great conversations and I find her very attractive in personality as well phisically. She told me that she wished my vacations were at the same time with hers to meet in person because she love our conversations. Anyway she told me that she would like to meet up after she arrive from vacations and it sounds great because I want it too, but I'm worry of how could things work out because I've never been in a date and I really wants to get it right.


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  • Do NOT go to a movie. Go to any place where you can talk, not stare at a screen or anything else. Get to know her.

    • Exactly what I think, that's just cliche and she at this age most be tired of getting to movies at first date.

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  • i feel like your not describing well enough what it is that you want help with...

    • What I'm supposed to do? (Obviously besides getting to know) what activities could be done that doesn't get boring? Etc...

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    • That's exactly why I am worried because movies and dinner is something all women has been invited for and I want to set me apart.

    • most people go to a dinner first then the movie. but i was thinking of you went to the movie first and then had the dinner you guys would have something to talk about :)

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  • go to a coffee shop, a walk through the mall, or park

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