Going on party with girl which rejected me before?

So the thing is I met this girl few months ago went with her few times, slept with her, kissed her, but in the end she said she isn't ready for relationship and she wants us to remain just friends. After that I haven't seen her although we texted a few times.

Now for new year eve party she is coming to party at my city, at exactly same party as me. From all parties in the world she had chosen to come at my party (ok maybe it wasn't her idea, maybe from her friend). And now I dont know how to act when I see her there? Should I act like I dont care (again she knows I care about her)? Or be more aggresive and just kiss her. She wants to be just friends, but again I kissed her before. Just dont know how should I behave around her now?


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  • I wouldn't say just kiss her but be sweet act like you care maybe bring flowers something to show you are serious about a relationship with her let her make the first move though

    • ok thanks, i dont want to scare her away so maybe flowers would be too much.. but again i dont know will she even be okay with physical contact cause i dont know how much of a friends we are, so it obviously depends on situation

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    • and yes you can touch her bro act as if you first met her again before you guys started dating

    • I'm a girl and flowers are a wonderful idea

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