Is it "pay-back" or is he just really busy?

Bf and I have been dating for 2mo now. Yes we happy and inlove ;) (Yeah, i know love doesn't come so quick and all, but we were friends before we started dating!)

Well, I am this horrible "texter" I'll text a person (bf) now and then reply laaatttteeeeerr on! because i don't always have my phone on me and i don't even like chatting that much!
My bf on the other hand is constantly with his phone and he replies my message. within SECONDS!!!

Lately, has doesn't! he takes HOURS to reply. really he does!! and it makes me feel so "lonely/empty/lost/down" gosh it makes me sad! :(
so is he getting back to me? is he busy? is he avoiding me? or is he annoyed by me?


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  • I don't know if it's payback... but now you know how it feels when you take a long time.

    Maybe you should talk to him. It's not worth it to fight over how long it takes you to text.

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