Shuld I talk to her now?

So yesterday, after i told my friend i liked her for me, she said she'd talk to her for me, and it turns out she doesn't date (illness and the like)
but iv'e decided not to give up, so i'm wondering if it's too soon to talk again? or would it be better just to start again now? i mean on Facebook, we live in different towns so talking in person isn't an option right now.
She visited my town for the first time last Saturday, so i was going to ask her if she had fun there, would it be weird to do it so soon, now that she knows i like her?

sorry for any spelling errors, i'm a little sick and nervous at the moment


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  • As someone who has been on her side, I'd suggest waiting a while. But don't give up! She may not be up to dating right now but it won't be forever. Girls love a guy who won't back down.

    • you think i should wait a while before even talking to her again?

    • Not at all! Talk to her as often as you can. Just be careful about making a move. When you can tell her illness is getting better, slowly start drop little hints and compliments. Hope everything goes well!

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