Just want to be friends, even if I really do like him... I think?

I was to focus on my studies, self-improvement, develop social skills, be independent, be free...

But I whenever I see a guy I like I automatically smile, want to flirt, play with him, have fun conversations, text non-stop... But I don't want to date him, so I do not want to lead him on. I'm not prepared to actually date, I just feel mentality immature. This happened before, I tried to be friends, but the guy asked me out and it got awkward. How do I resist the temptation to get closer to him?

Oh, some background info might help :)
We meet weekly to play sport. We've 'known' each other for almost 2 years. He tried to get close to me (ask my friends about me, strike a conversation, add me on Facebook, ask for my number...) but I kept trying to avoid him -.- But we got much closer recently and we contact each other often now.

I want to control how I approach him, so I don't give the wrong signals. I want us to be friends, but not a couple.


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  • Tell him you need to focus on you but you don't want to loose him