How would you respond to this?

Lets say you've been seeing someone for a little over 4 months. You've noticed a deep change in their behavior and you ask them about it. For 2 weeks you get a lot of "I don't knows" until finally you put your foot down and demand to know what's going. He/she tells you that they are still in love with their EX but they know that their feelings are foolish because their EX does not want them back. You tell him/her that you can't be with someone that is love with someone else and you walk away. You send them a letter just to get your feelings in order. You don't place any blame, you just want him/her to know where your head is at.

You get this response...

"I'm really sorry that I've caused you to feel so bad. It was never my intention to hurt you, I promise. I know now that I need to take some time to myself and get over some things and do some work. I don't want to argue- that's not how I think this thing needs to be worked through. I didn't mean any harm. And I'm sorry."

After you read that you take that as the official split and you prepare to move on.

A few days later you noticed some light Facebook/whatsapp stalking on their part.

Cut to Christmas day you send him/her a Merry Christmas text and he/she sends one back that is very enthusiastic. They even called you a pet name (he/she doesn't call everybody a pet name).

What you still consider the situation over or would you not be surprise by a reappearance from him/her?


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  • I would still let that person have their space because emotional healing from old relationships doesn't happen over night.

    • Oh I know. I'm leaving him alone. I haven't contacted him since Christmas. I'm not the type to stay around after being pushed away. I'm wondering if he's going to come back around 1-2 months down the road saying "I'm over her now!"

    • Even if he does come to you in a few months -- you should move forward with your life and not think in the mind set that y'all will end up together again, maybe.

  • He wants what he can't have. He realized what he's missed out on, it doesn't mean anything serious. I would completely move on, because you deserve better than to be second best.