Girl I dated stopped talking to me?

Want to apologize for this long post in the beginning.
Dated a girl I met on match for 2 weeks and everything was great, but something got my attention she said she wanted to go slow but she went fast, met her grandma date 2 and watch a movie at her place date 3. She kept telling me I was so amazing to her and a great guy and that she was super happy finally after her ex. we would always text each other in the morning, throu out the day and she would call me at night to say goodnight ( again not going slow).
Fast forwarded to the end of week 2 was over at her place for date 3 and everything was great again but she asked me if her work schedule got in the way of us and I said no it's fine no worries but she insisted which I could tell something bigger was coming, and it did... Went home that night and she told me I was so amazing to her such a great guy but she isn't ready for a commitment because she wasn't faithful with me ( she got out of a 4 yr long relatinship which she lived with a guy and they broke up 4 months ago and she moved back home. She wanted to be friends after so I agreed.
Weeks 4 because I went NC. We text and she responded and we talked for a few days before Christmas. I sent her flowers and her grandma flowers for Christmas just because. She told me she was in heaven and wow no one did this for her before. We talked again few days after that, but I can tell she was kinda pulling away from just talking. Got an email from the flower company and they messed up, they resent the flowers again few days later. Sent her a text saying" hey just want to let you know more flowers are coming because the company messed up, don't want you to think I'm a creeper or anything lol" she said " oh wow lol okay". text her the next morning which was the 24th asking if she ever got them but she never responded. text her last night but no response either. Rattling my head asking myself if I did anything wrong... Help to understand this? Please.

I asked her if we where done dating and she told me " I don't fell like its that black and white" she told me she really likes me but isn't ready for all of this. But she went on match 2 days after we stopped dating for like 2 days? Maybe she is trying to fell a void?


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  • I don't know. There is 2 explanations I think: she wanted more and she saw that you were not that interested in a relationship, so she decided to walk away before she gets more involved and therefore more hurt. Or she doesn't really want a relationship, so she will try to walk away from any risk of hurting you.

    • She kept saying I'm so sorry I just can't commit right now. I know you want more but I can't give that you and I fear that I will just hurt you and I don't want to do that.

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    • Thanks for your help.

    • No problem. :)

  • At this time move on. It seems like she's still sorting through her emotions from her previous relationship. You didn't do anything wrong, 4 years is a long time with someone and I think in 4 months you're still trying to sort everything out.

    • Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. I was just worried that I said something wrong. again.. Thank you.

    • Should i text her every so often to let her know I'm still here? Or just go no contact?

    • You could, I see nothing wrong with maintaining a friendship, but don't have any expectations of a relationship. It may happen eventually, but she needs to sort things out. Maybe wait a week or so though and check in on her. And don't put your life on hold. Good luck!

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