Give up or keep trying with her?

We've been seeing each other and have been intimate for a little over 9 months and things were going great. I was really into her but was doubtful about her interest and her closeness to her ex pushed set me back. I kept trying but never asked her to be my girlfriend and she apparently lost hopes of dating me, which I had to idea she was interested in me. I had already made my feelings known to her at this point but she told me that at this point she was focused on her future and would be unable to be in a serious relationship but would want to stay friends. Despite that we have remained close and at times seems that she still wants something and have been intimate but at times is also distant. I've kept trying but I'm beginning to lose hope and not sure if I should keep trying or just move on and let her go.


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  • It's up to you but I don't think you are friend zoned. She is probably telling the truth about being focused on her future. I guess what you end up doing really depends on how much you like her and want to be with her. It could end up being really rewarding to wait. Just follow your heart.

    • Thanks I follow my heart but every time I get too close she pushes me away, it wasn't like that before and it seems like she's doing it with the intent to keep her distance from any romantic situation with me. She even told me that when I start acting in a romantic way with her it makes her feel uncomfortable. I'm taking it as a clear cut sign that she no longer feels the same way about me.

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