Is she asking me on a second date after a year of seeming uninterested?

About a year ago I had a crush on a very nice girl from my church. She was like "Hey, we work in the same area, we should get lunch!" I was like "awesome!"

Then she made us reschedule 3 times until we finally went out a few weeks later. It was nice, but I got the vibe she wasn't romantically interested in me, so I gave up on her.

A year later, we go to different churches, but she sent me a Christmas text and showed up unexpectedly to a movie marathon my brother and I hosted. Her bestie had RSVPed but not her.

As she was leaving the house she tried to hug me goodbye twice and got embarrassed when she realized she'd already done it once. She also said: "Oh, and I still owe you a dinner". She didn't, but I agreed to it anyway because I'm a sneaky bastard.

I texted her to confirm plans a couple days ago and she proposed we figure it out after all the holidays are over. What is going on in that pretty little head of hers?

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FYI, I'm not in the habit of waiting for girls to ask me out. Usually I'm chasing after them, which makes it seem all the more odd that this one would take initiative twice.
Turns out this girl was in a relationship with someone else but never made it Facebook official or told me about it. What the crap? I don't understand what was going through her head.


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  • I don't understand her, but she seems interested since she invited you for dinner

    • If life always made sense I'd have no reason to think otherwise. =|

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  • You're the really happy backup plan.

    • Huh. I guess I'd be cool with that.

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