Do others have something that you lack that makes them get dates/sex?

as per other thread... meh, don't care, if you don't, you have a choice in all things... Seems to me everybody has a higher level, but what did they do?


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  • A better game, more experiences (I'm not terrible, I get good feedbacks when approaching but some of the guys I've seen are like GODS lol)

    More money? (I'm sorry ladies but women do care) a successful man is more attractive, the higher the success level the higher the attracting level,

    Better accent? Them English accent drive girls nuts.. I'd try it but I'm Asian.. That'll just sound stupid lol

    Better humor, we creative humor, women love to laugh.. And I'm not that funny :(

    Physical appearance wise, I don't think it plays a big role.. Not as much as people portray it as. So I'm not so insecure there

    I've been able to date really hot 10's because of chemistry attraction, while she turned down really good looking men in front of me.