StRaNgE ShIt HaPpEnEd?

My ex broke up with me a month ago.
But now, he texted me saying his friend is nagging him to introduce us (He said his friend thinks that female pilots are "hot").

However, when I told him that I was shocked with his behavior and I felt disappointed, he told me he asked me why I would feel disappointed. I actually asked him if he would be happy if my friend and him hooked up afterwards and he did not reply.

WTF is he doing?

Does he actually want me to beg him to take me back and to tell him how much I missed him?

And do we still have a chance?


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  • Your ex boyfriend is a piece of shit. Hook up with his friend and make him regret for breaking up with you. You don't have to beg for someone who doesn't deserve you.

    • Does it sound like he wants me to beg? Yes. SCREW HIM AND HIS BIG EGO.

    • r. Ofcourse not. Why would you beg? That''s not how it is. You're not going to beg. Make him beg. Get over him. You deserve someone better.

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  • OmG you're A PiLOt? tHaTs SO HOt!

    • People have sick uniform kinks. If they want a "pilot", they could just need a random person and an address to a costume shop.

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  • Hmmm? I think he's just trying to make it seem like he's soooo over you! Ignore him! Thats childish

    • Ah I see. But does that mean he is still emotionally invested in me? And why did he ask me why I would feel disappointed that he said that?

    • I definitely agree. He probably need a way to start a conversation in a witty way with making it seem like he missed you. But that's immature!! Speak your mind man!! I think he's just trying to throw you off. He wanted to know if you were ready to move on. And used his friend as an excuse. I think he wants you to say you still like him and that's why your disappointed

    • I'm not sure if it'll make sense I was tpying super fast! Lol sorry!