So is it weird for me to think this way about people in college?

So I've been in community college for 2 and a 1/2 years and. I was pondering my classmates in my microbiology class and I was thinking damn everyone seems so immature... Over ambitious, small flings where I see a few guys flirting or trying to get some girls' attention and a few women trying to stand out with 50 dollars worth of makeup that makes them look like they just got out of their part time job at the circus... I think to myself damn I'm too old for This sh*t. There's no one down to earth. I've made friends out of classmates and had a good time in school before but last semester I felt that everyone had the mentality of a high schooler any opinions?

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  • Whoa man the world has enough cynical assholes. You should try a more "care less about what other people are doing and more about what you are doing" approach. I assure you that if you focus on people doing dumb things you will live a very bleak life. Part of being mature is also not caring about how immature other people are. I know I sound like an asshole but hope it helps ya

    • Eh your right sorry maybe a bit too bluntly worded.

    • @asker don't get me wrong I get what you are saying but life is short and what you see as immature is making them happy so in the long run what does it matter. Just focus on your happiness and ignore all of the dumb shit you see people doing! Trust me you'll be much happier for it

    • I totally just tagged the wrong person woops

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