Is she actually into me or just flirty?

I met this girl online (she's Latin), through a dating site. We are in our 20s. She and I met up for a drink and talked. We laughed, walked around afterwards and she told me she had a great time. We have gone out a few times since then. Since out first outing, she has gradually started to grab my hand and put her arm around mine when walking. She also has started calling me sweetie, amor, corazon, etc. more often. She will even ask me to let her know when I get home after each time we go out. The other day, she came over and we watched tv at my place. I had my arm around her and she would squeeze my hand and wrist occasionally. She would also put her head on my shoulder. Then, she would switch it up and put her arm around mine instead. Does she seem genuinely interested? The past few days we have talked on the phone more as well since the last time we went out.


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  • No, fear, dear, this little mami is Definitely Into you. It appears she wants more than just an 'Online' relationship where it could just be a shot in the dark, but more like A------Head on my shoulder and more in store.
    Go slow with your flow. Don't rush into Anything nor wear your heart so quickly on your sleeve... one of you could end up with cold duck feet because things got too Cozy too fast as two birds of a feather and go south. Nurse and nurture what you have both started with ease and with New Years right around the corner, it could very well be lead down a path of paradise, right into A----Partnership. But first get to know one another and take your time here.
    Keep open lines of convo open at all times and always remember compromise as well... as the time ticks on, other factors such as dedication, loyalty and other qualities will also follow that will determine if it is a raw deal Or-----Real deal.
    Good luck and Happy new year. xx

    • I never let a guy touch me unless I am genuinely into him... flirty is being friendly but showing affection and showing initiation of wanting to know you better, signs of more in store with really liking you. xx

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    • Thank you for your comforting words. We went out again yesterday and she kept linking arms with me and holding onto my arm with her other hand. She would even lay her head on my arm. We were out walking around. We are having dinner at my place next time we see each other. Is it safe to assume she is definitely interested? We haven't kissed yet so I am beginning to worry about being friend zoned...

    • Sounds good so far.. and as far as the kiss, she may be waiting for a special smooch from you... ohh, so welcome, so glad to help., thank you for allowing me to be here for you, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • I think a bit of both to be honest!

  • I agree with vanessa.


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  • She is more flirty than into you.

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