I need some advice now! Help?

I went on a coffee date with a guy before work yesterday and it went good. when I was at work he texted me and said want to eat after work? And invited me to his place. he made me dinner and we had a fun time and talked a lot. We kissed and at the end he drove me home and kissed me goodbye. Today I texted him hey thanks for the dinner last night and happy new years. And he replies thanks the same :) and happy new year.

Is this a good thing?


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  • Things sound good.
    Give him a day or two before he asks you out again. He may have plans for New Years, or just wants to lay low.
    Also, if you miss him, you can initiate an outing.

    • I think asking him now is a bit desperate?/let the holidays pass by and see from than.

    • It wouldn't be desperate.
      He wasn't desperate when he asked you out.
      You would be just exercising an interest in him.
      It is permissible now more than ever for the girl to initiate an invite.
      But I would wait until after the holiday.

    • I'm going to wait until he aks me out. He said he thinks I'm a good girl BC I don't do bad things and I said j can count on one hand how many guys I've slept with. He was like I'm not a boyfriend material guy.. and it got awkward.. so I'm afraid he doesn't contact me BC he thinks I want a bf.. it was a weirs thing to say to me

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  • No. He hates you.


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  • Yes! Everything sounds like it's going great

    • But he didn't say lets meet again

    • So ask him, he asked you last time so now you take a turn to show him that you are just as interested 😊

  • Yes yes yes! That's obviously good! You guys are on your way to a relationship!

    • But he didn't ask for another date

  • Yes it's a very good thing

    • But he didn't ask me out again
      I should not contact him right?

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