I am bad at this dating. Help?

I went on a date with a guy yesterday and I was so nervous and scared. It went well. I went to work and he texted me asked I'f I wanted to come over for dinner at his place after work
I wanted to take a chance and said yes. The night went great we had fun and has good food and enjoyed each othes company. Nothing weird happened
He kept saying I'm a good girl and I probably haven't slept with a lot of guys. Which is true but he said he want a boyfriend material guy and was honest
He kissed me and we cuddled and it was great
He drove me home and kissed me goodnight. This morning I texted him saying thanks for last night and for the food and have a happy new years. He replied and said thanks the same. Happy new year :).

Now I'm all like OK is this Good ,? Is he not into me because he didn't ask to meet again? I'm being paranoid because of the whole I am a good girl thing.

First coffee than work than dinner
He wasn't a boyfriend material guy


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  • WTF? I don't understand why women over analyze every little thing.
    Sounds to me like everything went well. his response is appropriate. maybe he has a busy schedule and can't ask you out yet. I never ask a woman out on a first date for a second date. It is better for both people to have time to think about how it went and decide if they want a 2nd date. If you ask when on the date, some women might not want to hurt the guys feeling and just say yes. Or the guy feels obligated and it is a disaster. I learned from experience.
    It is a holiday so he has other things on his mind other then dating you. Give him some time. also, maybe he is only looking for casual dating so there is no rush.
    so stop being such a girl.

    • I know I know. Thanks for honest reply. And I'm very busy myself now so why do I care. I can text him when I'm available in a week or two. Thanks :) I don't Want to show him I'm desperate etc

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    • If he doesn't give me a text il texr him when I'm not busy
      I just get scared of being rejected so I just analyze and just don't relax.
      I'm gonna let it go for now.

    • We had two dates in one day by the way

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  • He isn't int you

  • I think there tactics to make you sleep with him. I've seen it before. It seems to work to. I suck at dating to but I never forced or tried playing head games with a woman I was interested in. I would think again about him. But then again my approach doesn't work either. Good luck hun?

    • What do you mean? Is he not in to me?

  • Sorry, I'm not seeing an issue. Sounds like he's being genuinely respectful of you and the two of you are playing it slowly. What makes you think this situation makes you bad at dating?

    • Because he said he wasn't a boyfriend material guy and maybe though ok she's a good girl and I can't date her

    • Oh, I saw where you originally wrote "want a boyfriend material guy" and thought you meant to say "was a boyfriend material guy." It could be he lacks confidence or is just out for sex. And it's further proof that GAG needs to add the ability to edit posts after they are published.

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  • He was upfront and respectful; that is more than a lot of guys are. You won't hear from him again but he wasn't looking for the same thing as you anyway, so chalk it up and move on. ;)

    • What how will I not hear from him? It's not like I said I wanted a bf

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    • Oh, I misunderstood. My bad. I assumed from context that you were ultimately seeking a relationship goal.

    • No I mean I enjoyed his company but I wouldn't sleep with him after meeting him twice but it's not like I want him to be my boyfriend. I want to get laid yes but he just was so upfront about it. I got kinda like oh okay.. so I don't know if he will ask me out again or not bc he said that

  • He said he wasn't boyfriend material. So it's really up to you if you think it's right to keep pursuing this guy if you are looking for a relationship.