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I feel bad that my boyfirend sais This?

Okay my Partner is aware That i am vert insecure...

We had That talk which im sure every couple has... You know "do You think im pretty" topic.

I was feeling really insecure lately for the first time in our relationship... he has a préférence for blondes and pale girls... in the past he always claimed That blondes were the prettiest but Never directly said it to me... untill recently...

Iv asked questions That You dont ask but i did anyways... i asked him if he thought my sister or a certain actress was prettier he said no, then i asked him if he thought blondes were prettier he said "some are" which mean " yes" basically...

Then he came off saying There Will always ne a better liking girl than me thats life...

Ok please please dont get le wrong i know for a FACT im not the prettiest chick out There matter of fact i think im the ugly average girl out There... i have a Nice body but and average uglyish face... he know how i feel about myself.

I told him i wanted to be the prettiest girl in his eyes but he said " not believing That There isn't anybiody better looking than You is not good"

Please dont juste me but im on the verdge of breakking up with him...

And please dont give rude answers i would hieghly appreciate it... thank you.
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Im sorry for the misspelling im new to touch phone lol
I feel bad that my boyfirend sais This?
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