My bestfriend and I like the same guy?

Okay so there's this guy, and so my friend and i both like him a lot but the thing is i kind of have a history with him? I've known him for about 3 years and during those years he went out with another one of my friends and it sucked because I've liked him all this time, and so he's told me he's liked me before but he was in a relationship at the time and so told him to breakup with his girlfriend and blah blah and so he did but we stopped talking for a while. We just got back into touch and he started talking to anothe one of my friends and she says she likes him and i dont want to get in the way but i really like this guy, what do i do? how do i get him to notice me more than my friend if i go for it?


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  • If nothing happened after he broke up with his last girlfriend. I would leave it alone.