Would you reject a guy because he was the same height as you?

There is this guy who I know briefly. He seems nice and funny from the few conversations we've had. But he's the same height as me. I wore heels around him once and he still flirted with me, so I guess he doesn't care. I'm average height (5'4). I feel like I couldn't wear heels around him and I don't like that. But I guess it's just me with the problem. Should I give it a try?

  • I'm short to average height (<5'6), I would give him a chance
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  • I'm taller (>5'6), I would give him a chance
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  • I'm short to average height (<5'6), I don't think I would date him
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  • I'm taller (>5'6), I don't think I would date him
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Me and my boyfriend is the same height and I wear what I want :) Though I don't wear heels because I fall down a lot. Lol :).


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What Guys Said 1

  • Rejecting someone on the basis of height can never be a question anyone other than yourself can answer. Are you reluctant to date him because you believe that you couldn't wear heels? If so, why wouldn't you be able to wear heels, are you afraid it would make him feel any less of a man if you are towering over him? If yes, why would want to date man who is so insecure of his height?


What Girls Said 3

  • That is a hard question. I completely get what you are saying. It is weird when you are taller than a guy. For me I have always found it weird for older girls to date younger guys. Well, more weird in high school anyways. One time there was a guy who was about my height (I'm 5'4) and we hung out once (I was intrested in him) . I didn't like it too much. In a way I am just not as attracted to shorter guys... my boyfriend is 6'3... so I guess that says it. haha! So he is wayyy taller than me. It just depends on the guy, his personality, and all the other stuff that makes us attracted to one another. two of my best friends have been dating for over a year though and they are around the same height and she still wears heels (He doesn't seem to mind too much). So it really just depends on the person. Some guys don't really like girls being taller than them though. I know that my boyfriend told me that he would find it weird to date a girl taller than him... but he is 6'3, so he doesn't have much room to talk.

  • Im 5'7", my fiance is 5'6"
    I don't think its a big deal

  • Give him a chance. My aunt is about 5'4 and my uncle is too. She doesn't give a monkeys ass & always is wearing high heels.