Is sister's before misters a real thing?

I've been friends with this guy's for a year now and I'm developing feelings for him. I believe he likes me too, lately he's been trying to hold my hand and complimenting me all the time. The thing is one of my friends used to like him and another friend likes him now. I just don't know what to do. I like him but I don't want to hurt my friends


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  • Talk it out with your friends. They might just be supportive of you and would possibly be willing to back off if they know you're really into him and you two might end up dating. Like, in my freshman year of high school, my friend and I ended up having a crush on the same guy. While we never told each other about it, they ended up dating. While I was jealous initially, I decided to back off and move on, because my feelings for the guy weren't super serious, and I was so happy that it had worked out for my friend. So see where your friends stand before doing anything!

    Oh, and sisters before misters or whatever totally exists. See the link below. :D

  • Yes it's like
    Bros before hoes